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Composition of Finished Hi-Pro FeedTM Product

Contact us for exact formulations on each variation of Hi-Pro FeedTM, but the following detailed description applies:

1.) Hi-Pro Feed BaseTM (consisting of linseed meal, canola meal, and stabilized rice bran in the proper ratio). If you can find Linseed Meal, Canola Meal, and Stabilized Rice Bran locally, then you can make Hi-Pro Feed BaseTM at your barn; and purchase a Hi-Pro Balancer PackTM, to either top dress or mix in 45 lb. batches. This is a more cost effective option than having larger feed bags shipped, in where you can't find a local dealer. It is advisable to order rice bran from California if possible because of the lower arsenic levels in the rice from the SE region of the U.S. Omega Fields will ship you rice bran from California. We only use this rice bran in all our feeds. Arsenic can become a problem if you have a high level of it in your water supplies or pastures or hay fields that will all contribute to an arsenic toxicity. If your water and environment is low in arsenic, you should have no problems feeding rice bran from the SE for a limited period of time, 6 months or less until you can find a CA source. Arsenic opposes iodine on the mineral wheel, so arsenic levels are more toxic when iodine is low, as is most of the U.S. by modern standards. We add iodine to our supplments in order to aid in counteracting rising arsenic levels in common horse environments.

2.) Vita Royal Mineral Mix - addressing the hardness of your horses waters nutritional relationship with this Hi-Pro Feed BaseTM: [with or without added calcium are the options].

3.) The applicable Vita Royal supplement as the primary vitamin/mineral fortification for the feed, depending on the horse.

Composition of a Hi-Pro Balancer PackTM

A Hi-Pro Balancer PackTM (also known as a fortification packet) will contain a Mineral Mix (to address water hardness) combined with a primary Vita Royal supplement (depending on the horse) to fortify the feed. Each formula of Balancer PackTM is pre-weighed to fortify 43-45 lbs. of Hi-Pro Feed BaseTM. We have variations of Hi-Pro Balancer PackTM available for different horses:

Hi-Pro Feed BaseTM
Consists ONLY of Linseed Meal, Canola Meal and Stabilized Rice Bran. One Balancer PackTM goes with one 45 lb. bag of this feed base.
45 lbs. - $22.55 /each

Hi-Pro PlusTM Balancer PackTM [w/ added calcium]
Maintenance feed for horses drinking softened water.
2.6 lbs. - $27.77 /each

No-Cal PlusTM Balancer PackTM [WITHOUT added calcium]
Maintenance feed for horses drinking un-softened water.
2.0 lbs. - 26.46 /each

Hi-Pro ULTRA Balancer PackTM
The Rescue Feed.
4.25 lbs. - $88.20 /each

Hi-Pro UNTIE® Balancer PackTM
All the beauty of Untie® balanced with the practical utility of Hi-Pro.
4.5 lbs. - $78.75 /each

Hi-Pro EPS Balancer PackTM
Feed for moderate length addressment of EPM and other neurological syndromes.
Made with
EPS Formula® - A Premium Vita Royal Supplement -
6.5 lbs. - $99.50 /each

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