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Approved Distributors of Hi-Pro FeedTM

If you are interested in Hi-Pro FeedTM and cannot find a distributor near your area, you can then contact us and we can ship this product to any part of the United States. Hi-Pro BalancerTM is shipped Internationally.

Michelle Black
P: 505.325.3261
Laplata, NM

Fox Haven Farms
Sue Hinz
P: 616.693.3525
Clarksville, MI

East Coast Equine
Amy Hayek DVM
P: 843.563.6135
P: 843.832.8348
P: 1-877-263-BARN (2276)
St. George, SC
Fairview, TX

Sound Horse Systems
Anne Daimler, HHP
P: 386.822.4564

DeLand, FL

If you are interested in becoming a local distributor of Hi-Pro FeedTM you can contact us.

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