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If you'd like a consultation with our biochemist about your horse, all we ask is that you fill out, and return, our Equine Case History Questionnaire. You can provide any test results you may have regarding: water quality, veterinary diagnosis and/or laboratory tests, etc.


Hair Analysis & Systemic Element Levels Testing

Our biochemist has chosen Doctors Data, Inc. to provide our customers with hair elements analysis. With a solid reputation, they have been our laboratory of choice since 1979. Doctors Data has recently described this particular test as:

A measurement of toxic and essential elements

Inexpensive and noninvasive

Extensive research has established that scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. The strength of this relationship varies for specific elements, and many researchers consider hair as the tissue of choice for toxic and several nutrient elements. Unlike blood, hair element levels are not regulated by homeostatic mechanisms. Thus, deviations in hair element levels often appear prior to overt symptoms, and hair analysis can thereby be a valuable preliminary tool for predicting the development of physiological abnormalities.

The volume of, at least, one packed tablespoon of hair is required to complete analysis. Hair samples taken from the chest of animals and back of the head on humans are preferable.

Send your sample and contact information via USPS to our headquaters, and we'll send it to our lab at a bundled rate to briing you the best possible price on the highest quality analysis.


Only Pure Nutrients to Maintain and Improve Health on a Biochemical Level

Vita Royal Products Inc. was established in 1977 in response to the recycled contaminants in food act that was passed in the same year. This act allowed, and continues to allow, the recycling of heavy metals and hazardous chemical waste into fertilizers that supply nutrients for the crops that feed our animals and, in some cases, people as well. These toxins are absorbed into the crops and thus deposited into the animals who eat the processed version(s) of these crops.

Our goal has always been to provide a healthier option for these animals, be they performance horses, pets, cows or chickens for slaughter.

Why Our Products Are Superior to the Competition

We use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients (USP), which are the absolute highest quality ingredients available in the world.

We do not make any products which contain fillers, so a little goes a long way.

All of our products are formulated so that the bioavailability of each ingredient is maximized.

Most importantly, our products work to restore normal, healthy biochemistry; from performance horses to seemingly hopeless and dire cases.

Concurrent Symptoms in the Processd of EPM in Horses - by Linsey McLean

• Colic
• Digestive disturbances
• Ulcers
• Excessive gas production
Xenoestrogens (see below)
• Diarrhea or periodic watery stools
• Grinding teeth
• Scruffy hair coat, poor shedding or unusually long hair coat
• Cold back, sore back, sensitivity and sore points over the back, stifle, loin, chest and/or ribs
• Some horses are so sensitive they dislike being touched anywhere
• Behavior changes, unexplained spookiness, inconsistent behavior,pressing head against wall, leaning on wall, head tilt
• Hyper
• nervous
• Irritable
• Explosive
• Aggressive and /or Depressed.

- Some horses cycle among all these states -


• Low basal metabolism, with rectal temps 99.6 or below, OR higher to normal temps but with inflammatory symptoms.
• Unusual sensitivity to noise, lights, touch, with tics, tremors, twitches, front legs that don't hold the "lock" position at the knees.
• Chronic anemia
• Chronic infections
• Wormy, bloated look
• Founder or chronic inflammatory conditions of the feet, poor hoof growth
• Moving short strided, especially in the rear
• Hard to keep weight on OR excessively easy keeper with cresty neck and overall bloated appearance
• Low stamina, weakness
• Eats dirt, wood or straw
• Periodically curls lip for no apparent reason
• Adverse reactions to wormers or vaccinations
• Picky eater, may prefer hay over grain
• Chronic allergies
• Growth problems
• Frequent head tossing
• Unusual sensitivity at the girth
• Stiffness in the rear, usually the right
• Tightness in the muscles inside the upper legs and groin, causing a cow-hocked or knock-kneed appearance, splayed-out or toed-out feet, or legs held tightly together approaching a 3 point stance
• Reluctance to pick feet up
• Muscle atrophy
• Frequent neighing or calling while working or being handled
• Hopping, changing leads at the canter, tripping
• Lameness most noticeable at the walk and the canter
• Frequent muscle spasms, won't hold chiropractic adjustments
• Poor sensitivity at the "Ting" points above the coronary band
• Toe dragging, landing more on toe, toe stabbing
• Isolation from the herd when outside
• Right hind swings out
• Left hind usually swings in when Herpes is involved

These symptoms and syndromes are significant only if they cannot be relieved by chiropractic adjustments, or attributed to some other disease process, i.e. arthritis or other bone problem diagnosed by radiograph, or other common modality. All horses do not exhibit all of these symptoms, and don't have to to be so affected.

If You Suspect . . .
Hormone Imbalances, Thyroid Problems, Hyperinsulemia

These syndromes can be caused by xenoestrogens (estrogen mimic) environmental chemicals. There are over 70,000 of these chemicals that both horses and humans are exposed to every day in air, water and food.

Concurrent Symptoms of this exposure can include:

• Non sweating
• Obesity, fat deposits on rump & shoulder
• Hives, skin problems area, cresty neck,
distended belly
• Founder/laminitis
• Abnormal milk production,
• Allergy enlarged mammary glands
• Non shedding
• Low fertility in mares & stallions,
• Bloat poor sperm quality
• Heat intolerance
• Respiratory difficulties
• Stiff gait
• Tying up syndromes
• Chronic infections
• Behavior: anger, anxiety, fear
• Low basal metabolism aggression, spookiness
below normal body temps
• Insatiable appetite
• Carbohydrate sensitive
• Stiff, sore muscles & back
easy keeper, insulin resistance
• Fatigue

We recommend a product called xenoDETOX®. It is a herbal/mineral/probiotics combination that is known to aid in the detox of xenoestrogens and help the body restore normal biochemistry. Dose one to two times daily, then several times weekly for maintenance. One month supply is $45.00

All of these problems are addressed in Vita Royal's Nutritional Restructuring Program, as this program addresses the root(s) of the problem, the biochemistry common to all of these symptoms and syndromes, and not just the symptom alone. This may be a different combination of symptoms for each body, as each has a different set of genetics, different environmental exposures, and therefore different susceptibilities, and different weaknesses. See other articles in our Environmental Illness section along with our proven Vita Royal Environmental Illness Protocol.

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Vita Royal Recycles:
our green packaging

We use as much recycled materials for packaging as we can.

From shredded packing material, to reused packing material, to reused/recycled shipping boxes; we are doing our part to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Through co-operative corporate relationships, these recycled materials come from other companies that receive products primarily for a retail sales floor, and they don't do much outbound shipping. These companies would ordinarily pay to process their packing waste by weight. Instead, we take that cost burden off their hands (and reduce our own costs) by simply reusing these materials.

We are proud to take part in corporate co-operative initiatives that ease the cost of doing business for the whole Vita Royal community.

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