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If you'd like a consultation with our biochemist about your horse, all we ask is that you fill out, and return, ourEquine Case History Questionnaire. You can provide any test results you may have regarding: water quality, veterinary diagnosis and/or laboratory tests, etc.


Hair Analysis & Systemic Element Levels Testing

Our biochemist has chosen Doctors Data, Inc. to provide our customers with hair elements analysis. With a solid reputation, they have been our laboratory of choice since 1979. Doctors Data has recently described this particular test as:

A measurement of toxic and essential elements

Inexpensive and noninvasive

Extensive research has established that scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. The strength of this relationship varies for specific elements, and many researchers consider hair as the tissue of choice for toxic and several nutrient elements. Unlike blood, hair element levels are not regulated by homeostatic mechanisms. Thus, deviations in hair element levels often appear prior to overt symptoms, and hair analysis can thereby be a valuable preliminary tool for predicting the development of physiological abnormalities.

The volume of, at least, one packed tablespoon of hair is required to complete analysis. Hair samples taken from the chest of animals and back of the head on humans are preferable.

Send your sample and contact information via USPS to our headquaters, and we'll send it to our lab at a bundled rate to briing you the best possible price on the highest quality analysis.


Only Pure Nutrients to Maintain and Improve Health on a Biochemical Level

Vita Royal Products Inc. was established in 1977 in response to the recycled contaminants in food act that was passed in the same year. This act allowed, and continues to allow, the recycling of heavy metals and hazardous chemical waste into fertilizers that supply nutrients for the crops that feed our animals and, in some cases, people as well. These toxins are absorbed into the crops and thus deposited into the animals who eat the processed version(s) of these crops.

Our goal has always been to provide a healthier option for these animals, be they performance horses, pets, cows or chickens for slaughter.

Why Our Products Are Superior to the Competition

We use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients (USP), which are the absolute highest quality ingredients available in the world.

We do not make any products which contain fillers, so a little goes a long way.

All of our products are formulated so that the bioavailability of each ingredient is maximized.

Most importantly, our products work to restore normal, healthy biochemistry; from performance horses to seemingly hopeless and dire cases.

The Thyroid's Relationship to Constipation

Although there are many symptoms and syndromes that are associated with thyroid pathway compromises, one of the most consistent and reliable in both animals and humans is that of constipation. I suffered with this severely as a child, and was eventually diagnosed as hypothyroid decades later. Nearly all the ADD/ADHD children as well as clinically hypothyroid adults that have come my way over the years, also report problems with constipation and /or very large bowel movements that plug up the toilet.

Being an avid watcher of wild animals, I noticed that the deer began straining and became constipated shortly after our devastating class 1 forest fire of 2006. Their feces were telltale of the huge amounts of dioxins, hydrocarbons, fluorine, mercury and sulfur commonly left behind from forest fires, that all target the thyroid and/or thyroid biochemical pathways and receptor sites. Dioxins are in a class as some of the most poisonous toxins on Earth. They are known to bind with thyroid receptor sites, blocking the real thyroid hormone, and creating in the body, a clinical hypothyroid state while maintaining normal levels of circulating thyroid hormone that is classically used to diagnose hypothyroidism. This situation makes the blood a liar, while the body suffers.

It took a full year for the deer to consistently drop normal, non constipated manure piles. Then I knew that it was safe to bring my horses home to graze. This is consistent with what the US forest service personnel told me about when it would be safe to graze. However, now that there has been some snow on the ground, many land owners who had been piling up slash piles and dead trees from the fire are now burning those huge piles as big as a house, and there has been a lot of fresh smoke in the Black Hills again where I live. There are also prescribed burns going as well, most are from 2,000 to 4,000 acres, purposely set by the forest service to clear brush and thin the wood so that it can be managed better to prevent the really large, out- of -control fires like what burned my property. In any event, we have a lot of smoke periodically. Now, after several weeks of these burn sessions, I am seeing constipated deer piles again, not only in the old burn areas where the slash piles are burning, but also in the valley downwind, never burnt, but where both the ash was blown and the smoke flows.

This smoke, combined with local smoke from coal fired power plants across the country, is polluting the trade winds and carried thousands of miles away. We can get an idea of the thyroid inhibiting pollution in a local area by watching the deer. So I have put up the following pictures of deer piles for you to compare with the piles you see in your area. If the deer are affected, so likely are your horses grazing there too and breathing the air. And also, so might be yourself as well. I welcome your observations, wherever you are.

Normal Feces

Fig #1: Normal Feces

This is a pile from an unaffected deer. Notice the black, shiny coating and individual balls. Nothing sticks together. This is healthy.

Moderately Constipated Feces

Fig #2: Moderately Constipated

This is not a fresh pile, and the fresh affected ones often have a whitish slimy film on them. You can see the dried slime and the lighter color, along with the more misshapen forms. This pile was all stuck together in clumps and broke apart when I picked it up.

Normal Feces

Fig #3: Severely Constipated

This is just one large formation, all stuck together in a single mass. This is what the deer passed when I observed them straining.

For more information on other symptoms associated with a hypothyroid state, please go to: Environmental Health Conditions Involving the Thyroid. It contains both human and equine. symptoms. There is also a very comprehensive article on thyroid at the bottom of that page. If you have information from your area, please email me what you see at biochemist@vitaroyalproducts.com

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We use as much recycled materials for packaging as we can.

From shredded packing material, to reused packing material, to reused/recycled shipping boxes; we are doing our part to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Through co-operative corporate relationships, these recycled materials come from other companies that receive products primarily for a retail sales floor, and they don't do much outbound shipping. These companies would ordinarily pay to process their packing waste by weight. Instead, we take that cost burden off their hands (and reduce our own costs) by simply reusing these materials.

We are proud to take part in corporate co-operative initiatives that ease the cost of doing business for the whole Vita Royal community.

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